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Lash Lift or Lash Extensions – Which One Will Be Better for You?

Beautiful eyelashes can save you from applying makeup every morning before going out for your daily schedule. Women who are unhappy with their natural lashes can go for either lash extension or lash lift. If you are aware of the latest beauty trends, these two are not alien words for you.

However, experts with a professional lash lift and eyelash extension training can help you to understand how these two are different from each other and what are their pros and cons.

Two Are Different Treatments

First of all, you need to understand these two are completely different from each other. Though both the treatments aim to make your lashes look naturally thicker, bigger and more attractive than before, the processes are different. Their names are clear indications of this.

  • Eyelash Extension: This means you will get more lashes (artificial ones) placed on your natural lash line along with your existing lashes to extend the volume and size of your eyelashes.
  • Eyelash Lift: Here, no artificial lashes are used. Instead, your own lashes will get a lift with the help of advanced methods and tools. This treatment aims to give your lashes a more defined appearance. This process mainly works on the shape of your lashes instead of the thickness and volume.

Once you understand that these are different and have individual results, it will be easier for you to choose one according to your requirement and desire. Now, you should ask yourself what you want from this treatment. If you wish to increase the size and the volume of your lashes, go for eyelash extension. In case you want to change the shape and appearance of the lashes, a lifting treatment will be more appropriate.

Which One Will Be Better?

  • Effect: Eyelash extension can give your eyes a complete makeover. Your eyelashes will look healthier, thicker, bigger and more attractive than before. Experts will help you to choose the lash size, shape and colour according to your preferences. Your facial structure, size and shape of eyes, age and skin colour, will be considered to find that perfect match. Thus, the impact will be more dramatic, notable and long-lasting with lash extension compared to lash lift.
  • Maintenance: When it comes to maintenance, lifted lashes are the easiest option. According to experts, lifts are easier to maintain than extensions. They are also more durable than the last option. With lifted lashes, you can create various looks like cat eye, doll eye, Kim k, etc. You need to curl them upwards and use mascara to make them look darker.

Thus, the final call must be made by you according to your desire. If you wish to increase the volume of your lashes, you should go to someone with proper eyelash extension training for the best results. In case you love your own lashes and just need a lift, opt for lash lifting experts in the UK.

In both cases, it is required to find a trained and certified expert to achieve the safe and desired look. There are places where eyelash extension training is given by industry experts to newcomers.

Lashtique Limited is the best place in the UK for eyelash extension training and courses. You can also visit this place for treatment and premium products. Please visit the website to get more information.

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